Chora, Naxos

Naxos Town, or Chora, is a Cycladic town with a magical and unique atmosphere. The capital of Naxos Island is the first town you will see on the island if you choose to arrive by sea. However, it offers so much more and it’s worth your visit during your stay on the island.

Chora is the capital of Naxos, and for this, the town combines tradition with a modern lifestyle. In the town, you will find banks, the post office, medical facilities, shops with local products, and everything else you might desire.

It is built in the middle of the west coast of the island, at the hill of the medieval castle. In ancient times, the city of Naxos was built at the same location. For this reason, today Chora is a must-visit town for all those who are interested in history.

The location of Naxos Town is very convenient. The island’s port is located there and the airport is just 2 km away. Moreover, you can find easy access to the town from all over the island, by car, motorbike, taxi, and public transportation. Villa Luana is just 5 km away, making Chora a great choice for discovering the island’s rich history.

Sights to visit

Chora is a town that can satisfy your every need. On one hand, the city’s old town is great for long walks in the evening, while every corner will bring you to a new hidden spot. On the other hand, the waterfront is buzzing with life throughout the day and especially at night.

Between the hidden beauty of the maze-like alleys and the lively waterfront, this marvelous town has a couple of sights that you cannot miss. When you visit the capital of Naxos, make sure that you discover them.


The main landmark and the emblem of Naxos is undoubtedly Portara, the huge marble gate that is the only remaining part of the unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo. Portara stands proudly on Palatia islet since 530 BC. You can find the islet at the north end of Naxos port. This spot is a great choice to spend a romantic evening to witness one of the best sunsets in Greece. And as the night falls, the illuminated view of Chora will mesmerize you.

The Venetian Castle

The old town of Chora is divided into two neighborhoods, Brougos and the fortified Venetian Castle. The first is the neighborhood where the Greeks traditionally resided. The Venetian castle, though, was built by Marco Sanudo, where the Acropolis of the ancient town stood. Even today, the families that live in the castle claim to be of Venetian descent. Unfortunately, only one out of the seven towers of the Venetian Castle remains intact today. However, it is a fine example of medieval architecture.

Agios Georgios Beach

Towards the south side of Chora, you can also find the beach of Agios Georgios. The golden and sandy beach with shallow waters is an ideal choice for visitors with children. Furthermore, on this beach, there is an organized sports center with modern equipment for all water sports.

Chora is the result of tradition and progress. Filled with history, while satisfying the demands of the modern lifestyle, it is truly a town for every taste. During your stay on Naxos island, you shouldn’t neglect to visit this beautiful Cycladic city with one of the most enchanting sunsets in Greece.